New Year Buzz

January 14, 2016

Happy new year!  It was exactly one year ago as of January 6 that I faked my own death and moved to a secluded cabin in the woods without notifying…

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Are Peace and Joy Coursing Through Your Veins?

December 15, 2015

Or do you feel the dull throbbing in your glands otherwise known as holiday cheer? It is induced by Christmas lights and our obligatory migration patterns to garish department stores once each year.  Yes, aggressive…

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From Gentle Sobs to Cheers of Victory!

August 31, 2015

Dear friends and voyeuristic enemies, this post is going to be more personal than usual, because I have finally found something dearer and more elusive than a soul mate- an…

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Fashionably Enthusiastic

August 04, 2015

Fashion dispatch from my piney cave of hammers.

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Bridal Buzz

July 13, 2015

Another surge of beautiful people are taking the matrimonial plunge and I'm having fun crafting rings for them.

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Renegade Hideout

June 23, 2015

My dear clients, friends and affectionate enemies, its on!  I’ll be finessing my wares, both new and classic, in the very first Chicago Renegade Popup Show at the Hideout (1354 W…

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Fancy Trees

June 09, 2015

  Lately I’ve been wondering- do finance stock trader-types get obsessed with planting trees? The risks and rewards come with an intoxicating rush, although lets face it, what constitutes a risk…

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Your Mom

May 05, 2015

You guys, your mom is the best! Are you properly honoring her?  I refuse to tell you what I am giving my mom for mother’s day because she knows about…

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Technical Vault Vol. 1

January 28, 2015

Happy belated new year, friends, acquaintances and mortal enemies!  Working on some new designs got Murial and I looking through all the great notes from bygone classes. Memorably took a…

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Festive Jewels

December 17, 2014

Ciao from the workshop in Wisconsin!  As many of you may already know, I have been battling a serious gummy bear addiction ever since Thanksgiving or so.  Luckily so far…

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Holiday Wish List

December 10, 2014

This past weekend I spent all my charisma in one fell swoop at the One of a Kind Show, Chicago, a humongous art/craft extravaganza at the Merchandize Mart.  I was lucky…

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Love is in the Air

July 16, 2014

You thought that was just the usual veil of smog this morning, but no!  It was actually the green mists of LOVE (unless you are in certain parts of LA…

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