Love is in the Air

July 16, 2014

You thought that was just the usual veil of smog this morning, but no!  It was actually the green mists of LOVE (unless you are in certain parts of LA and China, then its anyones guess!)  Yes, love is in the air along with all that suspicious particulate matter, and all I’ve got to say is- take a deep breath, folks!  I’ve been totally consumed with custom wedding and engagement projects these days, Rip Van Winkling entire weeks away in the studio, emerging into the light of day only occasionally to do a bit of gardening. The result of all this solitary creative-juicing was the completion of several bridal projects as well as my developing a lustrous, long, grey beard and some distinctly naked mole rat-esque wrinkles. Seclusion can take a heavy toll, but it was all worth it!


Platinum  engagement ring for Paskin with an incredible sapphire and draping halo of diamonds.

Besides making lots of wedding rings and graduation gifts this spring, I snuck off to Copenhagan for 3 weeks in May, leaving the moorings of our jewelry ship to capable first mate and trusty assistant, Chris. I’ve already run out of sailing analogies, unless ‘shiver me timbers’  is one, but suffice it to say that Chris did a stupendous job keeping order while I was laying around being harassed by surly Danish swans.  A pair of them could have easily taken me down. Fortunately these particular swans were all tagged, so if they commit any crimes it will probably be traceable.

Danish swan harasses me for food I don't have.

Danish swan harasses me for food I don’t have.

In other news, the recently rejuvenated is live!  ITS ALIVE!!!!!  You can peruse, obsess over, and even PURCHASE my jewelry with your usual carefree zest, all thanks to the illustrious Reade Harris. Reade made the site from scratch using some kind of code, which I understand involved a delicate dance of 0’s and 1’s. It even works on your smart phone! If you have a dumb phone, please stop calling your phone names and just use your iPad-esque type device instead to cruise the website. Web engineer Reade also happens to be marrying my sister/model Colleen Skemp NEXT WEEKEND!!! Congratulations Colleen and Reade! I hope they change their names to something cool. I know that Mr. and Mrs. Volando was under consideration and I say go for it!

They let me do the artwork for their invitation and save the date cards. The save the date featured them being all super in-love, with birds holding a banner announcing “Save The Date!” In the foreground their kitties are devouring some of the birds. The invitation was romance-novel style. Reade is shirtless and has a very flamboyant mustache, clutching a rapt, bosom-y Colleen in front of a waterfall.

Colleen and Reade's wedding invitation.

Colleen and Reade’s wedding invitation in progress.

Save the date postcard I painted for Colleen and Reade's wedding.

Save the date postcard I painted for Colleen and Reade’s wedding.

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