July 19, 2022

Dear Friends, clients, blog aficionados and curious enemies! The past few years have been choppy. Checking in to let you know I am still alive, still a jeweler, and that focusing on work has allowed me to descend only partially into madness.

I have 6 jewelry series at various stages of completion! This is by no means the most efficient way of working, to have four hundred half-finished projects... But luckily it means I am pretty well situated to get my show legs back. I am looking forward to doing a gallery show this year August-October 2022. Check the SHOWS page for updates.

I know it is very unsexy to talk about global warming but it seems like a problem that needs to be addressed. What can we do? I have tried cyberbullying my state senator into effecting change on a grander scale but it didn't work- he is still indifferent. Since I can only reliably control my own actions, here is a plan, and I do invite your critical feedback.

Sustainability Plan for Peggy Skemp Jewelry 2022:

  1. 100% Solar-powered within 5 years. I have already consulted with a local solar energy company, Ethos, in order to figure out the feasibility for my workshop to be totally solar powered. Although the pandemic set back my timeline, it is possible for my location, and going solar is still in the cards.
  2. Plastic-free: Single-use plastic is harmful to the ocean and air. PSJ went plastic-free (no single-use plastic packaging that is not biodegradable or compostable) around 2010 and I am committing to getting even more hardcore about it by trying only to participate in shows that share the same commitment
  3. A renewed Focus on In-Person selling, custom work and jewelry for my retailers. There may still be occasional drops on this website but I will be using my website increasingly as a virtual catalogue and to feature updates on new stocklists and events.
  4. No NFT-linked jewelry. Bitcoin mines consume a disturbing amount of energy. Here is the excellent news podcast I learned about the bitcoin/ global warming situation from.
  5. Planting and caring for more trees each year. I have been planting many types of trees here at PSJ HQ since 2014. It is a huge thrill!

As always, I thank and celebrate the wonderful retailers and individual patrons who's ongoing interest and encouragement make my metalwork possible. It will be wonderful to share my new jewelry in person!


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