September 28, 2022

This year is the 20th anniversary of my being a metalsmith. Wooohoooo!  In 2002, I attended GIA in Carlsbad, CA. Before GIA I had made jewelry using embroidery and beadwork techniques that I sold to a few local shops. After GIA I was able to work as a goldsmith for a museum jeweler.
In celebration of 20+ years in the industry, I released a lot of new work this past year and allowed myself time to study a new technique I hope to incorporate into ever-more sculptural natural historical adornments.

Following is a synopsis of the past year in Peggy Skemp Jewelry.
I released four new series and collections; Tiny Shells, Crested Cacti, Drip Drip Splash, and Knot motion, and began to learn diffusion bonded metal lamination techniques.

Tiny Shells are a dreamy selection of versatile, dainty jewels in recycled silver and gold featuring cast marine snail shells and conflict free diamonds.

Crested Cacti are sculptural silver renderings of brain cacti I had collected from Gethsemane Greenhouse, Chicago. I have a few more one of a kind crested cacti pieces that are not photographed but are worthy of collecting, so I may do a follow-up Brain Cactus mini release soon.

Drip Drip Splash were kinetic silver jewels with moveable drips. This collection was based on anxious drawings I made over the past few years- of spills, leaks, pours and splashes.  I love the way each drip is unique, with a graphic style, as line drawings in silver. The lightweight pieces are entirely handcrafted and all have a playful movement. All sold but available by custom order- I would love to make new elaborate drip pieces in high carat gold. Email if that sounds like something you might like.

Knot Motion was born from textural experiments in reticulation silver and square wire.  These pieces continue the theme of energetic, emotive jewels with moveable pieces. The small series was only available to email subscribers.

In that time I also made a short series of Snakes for a group show I participated in, Women’s Voices, at The Alexander House for Art and History in Port Edwards, WI.  The show is on view until 10/11. The jewel from that show I was most excited about is a large silver snake pin, a beautiful and useful piece, in my opinion, with an entirely handcrafted pinback assembly. If it returns from the show, I might like to add hand-engraving, at least to the head and belly, and black diamond eyes.  

I have also continued to make Anatomical jewelry, especially customized anomalous anatomies by special request; Bespoke wedding jewelry, custom Tentacle Rings and necklaces, and Spiderwebs for the Evolution Store, NYC.  

Alongside these jobs, have been attempting to learn mokume gane and diffusion bonded metal lamination, “married metals,” and hope to begin incorporating these techniques into completely new work soon- New jewels in my typical categories (snakes, spiders, cephalopods, Anatomy, Fungi) as well as entirely new work…

I appreciate the ongoing interest of my clients and collectors. If you would like to be the first to know about new and experimental jewelry, please subscribe to my occasional emails.

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