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July 13, 2015

Now that the smoke has cleared and the bleeding been mostly staunched after 4th of July shenanigans, its time to get back to the bench for a series of very time-sensitive wedding and engagement rings. This summer we’ve got another surge of beautiful people sprinting head-long toward lifelong commitment and in need of fabulous, unique bridal jewelry. By my informal count, 2/3 of betrothed couples are in a huge hurry- and I love trying to accommodate that as much as humanly possible. Like a lady-Keanu Reeves in a very slow, post-modern version of Speed, I’ll be here hammering away, attending to love emergencies until all the happy bejeweled people finish getting married. If you happen to have a love emergency contact and I will solve it with jewelry!

14k white gold and DVS1 conflict free diamond engagement ring with kauri pod setting.

14k white gold and DVS1 conflict free diamond engagement ring with kauri pod setting. Photo by R Hanel.

New: Light in the Branches rings, are now available in white yellow or rose gold with blue or colorless diamonds (and also green, yellow, black or champagne diamonds on request.)

14k rose gold and blue diamond "Light in the Branches" ring by Peggy Skemp 2015.

14k rose gold and blue diamond “Light in the Branches” ring by Peggy Skemp 2015.

I only use diamonds which are certified conflict-free, Miss Marpling up a storm to make sure no bloody diamonds are used in your future family heirlooms. With that said, wouldn’t this ring look phenomenal with a larger center diamond, perhaps a rose cut? I would love to make a Light in the Branches ring in 14k rose gold with colorless side diamonds and a beautiful rose cut center stone, like one of these beauties:

Rose cut diamonds


Also now offering this small collection of affordable gold and diamond Cotyledon and Seed rings, perfect for a modest engagement ring, mothers ring, grad gift etc. A Cotyledon becomes the embryonic first few leaves of a seedling in a flowering plant.

Thinking about bridal jewelry but not sure what you will want to wear forever and ever and ever, check out my Bridal pinterest board. It shows all sorts of wedding and engagement jewelry I have made over the past few years.  Should provide a nice little trail of bread crumbs to idea-land.

Happy frolicking, summer people! I planted an ure pear tree today in commemoration of it being Friday.

Spalted Maple Lazy Susan

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