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The One of a Kind Vault, Vol. 1

May 09, 2012

I realized recently that I had inadvertently cleansed my website of all the less-than perfect photos from earlier in my jewelry-making career (by which I mean a few years ago.) While contributing to a slick look, omitting these photos is really a shame because it means a lot of people probably have never seen some really weird and lovely stuff I made in the past; the “Sensitive Parasite,” and “Mendel’s Garden” collections, and some interesting enameled mobile pieces…  So I’m going to gradually, teasingly release these photos to you in tassel-spinning blog posts.

This first batch from the one of a kind vault are from “Mendel’s Garden;” a series of copper and silver enameled peas and pea flowers.  I fabricated the peas, leaves and pea flowers in copper, mainly through repousse.  This was one of my first enamel projects, although I am hoping to get back to using that technique once I am fully moved into my new studio in WI next month.

Enameled Copper and silver pea necklace by Peggy Skemp 2010

Purple pea flower necklace by Peggy Skemp 2010

White Pea Flower Necklace by Peggy Skemp 2010

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