January 30, 2016

Its your annual Valentine routine: offering a single gas station rose before sternly muttering existential nothings into your sweetheart’s ear. But this year, consider some gifts that are not despair-themed.  The Valentine gifting tri-force: jewelry, chocolate and lingerie!  Why, you muse, did flowers not make the ranking?  First, this is Valentine’s day, not a funeral. And she’s not your mother, she is your girlfriend, or possibly wife… or some other postmodern designation.  In any case, unless you are planning on moving into the basement and blaming her for all of your problems, no flowers on Valentine’s day! Don’t even get me started on the evils of Big Flower… Here are my top lingerie, jewelry and chocolate choices.

Dotties DelightsPurveyor of sexy, finely crafted lingerie the likes of which you have never touched. Stephanie Kuhr’s line of detailed, vintage-inspired intimates are influenced by the confidence of burlesque and pinup.  Check out her Sheer Show and Bricolage collections, and the Bow Playsuit. Dottie’s Delights are currently handmade in Nashville, TN, though she got her start in Chicago!


Original Mosh Playsuit by Dottie’s Delights

In 2011 I made a diamond tentacle engagement ring for customer Elle, who worked at Chocolatier Blue SF and she sent along a thank-you box of the most artful chocolates I have ever seen or tasted. Recently I ordered a box just to be certain I can still recommend it… Not only does the chocolate continue to defy description, my box arrived in snowy Wisconsin within 2 days!  These are the current flavors. Cookies and cream, peanut butter and jellly and grapefruit rosemary all tied for first place.


Chocalatier blue SF chocolate

Peggy Skemp Jewelry:  I’ve got your gift of unique art jewelry ready for Valentine shipping. My handmade silver flowers have the benefit of being 100% wilt-free.  For special sale prices, check out my Etsy.  Or, if this isn’t already part of your collection, there is no better time to gift a detailed silver Original Anatomical Heart Locket than V-day. The silver heart lockets are back in stock just in the nick of time! Each locket is hand-crafted in meticulous detail with the aorta fashioned to act as a secure snap. Here is a demonstration of the White Bronze Anatomical Heart Locket opening and closing.

If the one you are showering with gifts is deathly allergic to chocolate, already has a heart locket and can’t be bothered to wear any underwear at all, why not give them something weird, such as an existentially-themed collage featuring you and your loved one on separate planets, or a handmade card explaining what you think love means.

Finally, to all my friends and enemies who are single on Valentine’s day, allow me to temper your nihilistic angst with the advice of my wise younger sister, Colleen, who would tell you to “Be your own boyfriend.” In other words, treat yo self.

Chocolatier Blue SF

Box of chocolates from Chocolatier Blue SF with a thoughtful note to my future self.


Dottie’s Delight’s dressing robes.



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