Ammonite Tentacle Ring

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Black silver tentacle sculpture ring with ammolite fossil doublet gemstone. Ammolite is an extinct cephalopod resembling a giant nautilus with tentacles. This ammolite is from a fossil deposit in Canada. The original ring was made by Peggy in 2012.

This ring is currently made to order in your size with your choice of gemstone. The ammolite can be found in different colors with color shifts red/orange, yellow/green, red/green/yellow, ovals, rounds, marquis or free-form cabachons.  If you prefer the black/blue color-shift, mantabie black opal might be a better choice. Mention your ring size at checkout and if you prefer black opal over ammolite. You will be sent photos of loose gem choices. There will be a price difference for opal. Also available with diamonds in the tentacle suckers.



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