Original Anatomical Heart Locket

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The solid silver anatomically correct human heart locket is a sculptural scientific illustration that invites exploration. The locket opens to reveal a meticulously detailed interior and is held shut by the trunk of the aorta. Open the silver locket from the right pulmonary vein. It closes with a crisp snap!

The silver anatomical heart locket hangs on a 1.3mm wheat chain, 28". The chain attaches to the pendant by threading through the superior vena cava and left pulmonary vein, causing the heart to hang slightly anterioinferiorly, as it does within the human body. Make note at checkout for other chain lengths. 

This solid silver anatomical heart locket is handmade with care. Your locket is carefully, repeatedly tested and hand polished by the artist before shipment to you. A small silver tag on the end of the chain bares the makers marks PS 925. You will receive the locket with a small yellow polishing cloth so that you can keep it polished for years of wear.
Dimensions of the locket: 1.5"x .75"x .5" (metric: 3.25cmx 1.7cmx .90cm)

The Original Anatomical Heart Locket is copyright 2009, Peggy Skemp Jewelry.  Photos by R Hanel




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