Last Practice Engravings

October 05, 2012

My final practice engravings!!!
Week 3 I began making some of my own work on the side… Finishing those up this week in Praiano, Campania Italy! I also was able to go back to the La Specola museum and will post some amazing pics from that visit this week! It has inspired a bunch of new designs to be hand-engraved in the Florentine style.  I will definitely have a limited collection of those ready by the One of a Kind Show in Chicago December 6-9.

Practice engraving completed at Le Arti Orafe by Peggy Skemp during week 2 of the hand- engraving course. 

Completed week 2 of the engraving course at Le Arti Orafe. Detail of practice engraving by Peggy Skemp.

Doves and Prunes practice engraving by Peggy Skemp from the end of week 1.

Hand engraved boarder study by Peggy Skemp

Hand-engraved boarder studies by Peggy Skemp.

Studie of hand-engraved circles. They are meant to have an even shimmering-effect, like a record, with movement. Its great practice for both straight-lines and circles.

Engraved bronze plate by Peggy Skemp. It has strange titty-dragons. I’m not sure what it means.

Study of traditional Florentine scroll-work by Peggy Skemp.

Detail of Florentine-style scrolled frame by Peggy Skemp.

Hand-engraved sterling silver granito leaf broach by Peggy Skemp, completed the second-to-last day of class at Le Arti Orafe.

Sterling silver jewelry completed the last 2 days of class at Le Arti Orafe by Peggy Skemp.

Silver practice engraving by Peggy Skemp

Detail of silver medal by Peggy Skemp

Silver practice engraving by Peggy Skemp

Silver practice engravings by Peggy Skemp

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