Bronze Anatomical Heart Locket

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The original white bronze anatomical heart locket is breathtakingly detailed, featuring hand-built mechanisms, with the trunk of the aorta acting as a snap holding the heart securely shut.  The heart opens from the right pulmonary vein to reveal a highly detailed interior and hangs slightly anterio-inferiorly like the heart within the human body, from an 18" white bronze 1.2 mm foxtail chain that is threaded through the left pulmonary vein and superior vena cava, and has a small silver tag with the makers mark of authenticity, PS.  The pendant dimensions are 1.5"x .75"x .5". This handcrafted item comes with a guarantee on its hinge and snap.  

This version of the locket is made of solid jewelers bronze produced in the US, an alloy containing 20% nickel. Customers with a sensitivity to nickel should choose the solid sterling silver anatomical heart locket instead.



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