New Custom series of Native Plants Jewelry in Silver

Custom series for The Customer, Karen and New Forest Ag, based on the original Oak Sapling series.  The new collection will feature selected species of native plants, and possibly insects. Fresh cuttings from selected species will be provided by the customer, cast, molded and made into jewelry- a necklace, or necklaces, ring/rings and earrings. Each piece will be stamped with the makers mark PS and 925 to indicate metal purity. The metal used will be solid nickel-free 925 silver.  The customer will have chances to approve the designs at various intervals while in progress, and upon completion.

This listing is for the deposit, to be reduced from the job total, with the balance due before shipping or pickup. The project cost could be less but not more than $2000 total unless a new agreement is made between the artist, Peggy Skemp, and The Customer. If the artist is unable to complete the job, the deposit will be refunded. For any items that are to be reproduced, the artist will pay the cost of the molds. The customer will be charged for materials and labor. If designs made from the customers' cuttings are reproduced for Peggy Skemp Jewelry, the customer will have the option of selling the resultant jewelry at a wholesale price and will receive a commission on any sales resulting from referrals to the artist' website. The artist reserves the right to sell reproductions through wholesalers without paying a referral commission. The Customer has the right to purchase copies in bulk (10 or more pieces per order) at a wholesale price and sell through the venue of their choice.

The estimated completion date for the initial sample pieces is May 20th or sooner. Shipping overages, if any, will be refunded at the time of shipping.


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